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Protect yourself and always get a 3rd party evaluation such as

 what we offer here at FUNGI FINDER.

  Fungi Finder provides testing to determine concentrations of mold. The inspector cannot determine the extent or type of microbial contamination from the visual inspection alone. An appropriate number of samples must be collected before the presence or absence of mold can be quantified. Sampling may include Swab, Tape, Carpet, or Bulk sampling techniques. Our basic mold inspection fee includes up to 2 samples to determine the type and amount of contamination as well as Moisture Meter readings where applicable. We may recommend more samples based on the visual inspection, at a small additional per sample charge. 

  Our inspection services include IAQ/Mold sampling, lab testing, environmental assessment, and proposed suggestions for who you should hire to do whatever work might be needed. You can rely on our services to collect the information you need to make the educated decisions required to provide a healthier indoor environment for you and your family or business.

  We will provide you with a full report form the Microbiology Lab, a complete written report from our Inspector that will include an evaluation, Photos, and any recommendations that we feel would remedy the situation such as Sanitization or Remediation.

What's Included with our basic mold inspection?

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• The only test that measures actively growing mold using this new and exciting method
    - Determines total level of active mold growth in the home
         - No mold spore testing – identifies mold when active growth is occurring
         - Nondestructive test (no drilling of holes in walls)
• Look for chemicals in the air that can’t be seen or smelled
    - 2-for-1 air quality assessments: active mold growth & VOCs
    - Predicts sources of VOCs with proprietary Contamination Index™
    - Identifies solvents possibly used by Meth labs
    - Identifies sulfur compounds found in contaminated Chinese drywall
    - Formaldehyde test available (additional charge)

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Reports are not released until payment for the inspection has been made in full. 

 ***No show Policy. If for any reason an appointment is set and customer does not show, access to the property is denied or unattainable, or for any other reason an Inspector cannot perform the inspection due to any fault not of his own there will be a minimum charge of at least  $75.00 Trip charge (at our discretion) billed and waiting time is extra. 

Payment is due in full at time of inspection unless otherwise arranged.

                 Prices subject to change without notice.               


Fungi Finder


NORMI certified Mold Inspection and testing.