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"Mold is nothing to sneeze at."

Professional Certified Mold/IAQ Inspector

 Founded in 2004, we are Certified through NORMI, The National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors since 2005 and we are listed in the NORMIPRO directory.    The National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors serves as a cooperative network of FIRST RESPONDERS in the war against indoor air quality and mold problems.

 As a client, you have the ability to take the corrective steps toward solving indoor air quality issues beginning with the inspection, evaluation, and assessment process.

 Once the problem has been correctly assessed, the Certified IAQ/Mold Inspector will be able to write an understandable and easy to follow protocol for the sanitization or remediation of the problem based on legitimate and accurate IAQ Lab Testing.

 Should you decide to use a NORMI Certified Remediator or the services of a NORMI Affiliate Member, you can have confidence that the business partner you select has agreed to and follows our strict CODE of ETHICS.

 You can be confident that our inspectors are fully trained and qualified to assess your indoor air quality issues and resolve them thoroughly for the health of you and your family. View Our Certificates.

 We at FUNGI FINDER are not only interested in providing you with enough information to make an educated decision about who you will hire to do your IAQ/Mold Inspection, but we want you to know, should you hire us, how much we appreciate your business and the opportunity to identify the issues you may be facing in your indoor environment.

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